Monday, May 23, 2011

The Life Savior

To a lot of people art may just be...art. Nothing special, nothing really worth while. To me art is not just the only way I can express myself fully, but it is also what has kept me together for a long time. Through life you live hard things, you learn you´re not invincible, or perfect, you learn that you get some things wrong, you mess up, you hurt others and others hurt you. And even though sometimes the world seems like a sad, cruel place, it really isn´t, the hard stuff you have to live through...some people call it fate, or God´s will...i just call it growing up. Without these hardships and pain and learning to understand, to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, then you don´t really know what life is all about. I can honestly say i don´t know half of what this is all about, but i think that i am on the way to learning something new every day. All the things that i´ve learned...and i don´t think i know much...i have learned them through ART. And hopefully, through the years i have left to live, i will learn a few more things that might help me understand other things i have never really understood.

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